Shortcut Angle Sash Paint Brush, 2-Inch, Blue

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2, corner trim band and decorative brush, Technex nylon and Ole polyester blend, long fluted natural finishing wood handle. Add extra shine to your product

Angled trim and fluted, natural hardwood handle. For use with all pigments

High quality material – using artificial high quality fiber as raw material, made of fine silk. Brush thickened encryption, soft texture, compact structure, uniform color, no shedding.

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Flexible handle, only 2 inches long, increases maneuverability in tight spaces

All paint is a blend of white nylon and blue polyester

Stainless steel hoops

Package designed to spike the brush handle with hooks and instructions for proper holding position Multiple Uses - Shortcut paint brushes are widely used for painting, wall painting, dusting, gluing and coloring as well as other decorative projects or craft projects. These are definitely enough for all your house painting or for some home and office renovation projects.

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Filament Color Blue and white
Material SRT
Size 2 Inch
Handle Beech wooden

Easy to grip - The wood handle is smooth and clean, easy to grip and has a hang hole designed for easy storage without taking up space. Not too heavy, not too light. If you just need a good paint brush to cut into anything or for an entire project, the Sash paint brush will do the job just fine.

Lightweight - These are small Angle paint brushes that are easy to carry and clean. No matter what bristles are made of, they can be easily washed off with a small amount of soap and water. Except for a few bristles that fall off the first time they are used, they can be washed many times and still remain in good condition.

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