Trade News—Pinceles Tiburon Presents Its Latest Innovation in Paint Brush Technology

Pinceles Tiburon made a market survey recently, one of the biggest complications found in every kind of brush is the aperture of the bristle at its lowest part, know generally as the “fish mouth” effect. This defect affects the life of the brush, as well as the painter’s work.
With the aim of meeting the needs of the painting market and looking for constant progress, they have developed a new method of fabrication for decreasing the mentioned effect.
This method involves using a new material that allows the pressure that the bristle has inside the ferrule to be passed on to the edge, making it conical. In this way, the bristle is the one that generates the conicity of the edge allowing for the reduction of the maximum aperture on the lowest part of the brush, making the "fish mouth" effect imperceptible. For that reason, the bristle is better organized, there is more paint retention and a superior control of the brush.
This production method not only avoids the "fish mouth" effect, but also gives the bristle a more natural and smooth distribution.
Generally, the effect is more pronounced when the brush is wet during painting, however, the effect can be noted even when the bristles are not in use. The "wet test" was used to obtain the results and demonstrate the extent of the advances made using the new system.
It is a great ability to transform the needs of the professional painters into an innovation. Continual self-development places them at the forefront of paintbrush technology and allows them to make a better-quality tool without impacting upon pricing. Furthermore, it is important to note that, from now on, all products will be fabricated using this technology, which permits the works done by both hobbyists and professionals to be optimized.


Post time: Nov-11-2022