Our Technology and Crafts on Filaments

The mostly paintbrush manufacturers make their filaments through two stages on processing, but our paintbrush filaments through up to 10 separate stages of processing thus creating an amazing filament quality!

The processing of filaments include


The synthetic fiber filament is included the PBT and PET, the softest filament is our PET fibers.  Why choose PET?

1. Brilliant colors and glossy.
2. 300 standard colors for you selection, color customization available upon your requirement.
3. Excellent bend recovery is acquired after the heat setting process.
4. Optional in the shape of cross-section, like round, cross, square, triangle, etc.
5. The tapered polyester has good water absorption performance.

Our Technology and Crafts on Filaments
Our Technology and Crafts on Filaments1

Our high quality filaments are conditioned using proprietary techniques in order to achieve:

• To be easily cleaning , as the filament is very soft.
• Not to be easy to burn or curly
• Increase paint adhesive force


Tips of filament are cut will create split ends, which is best on our filaments:

• An increased brush head surface area in order to increase the amount of paint that can be loaded
• A regulated flow of paint preventing dumping or dripping when the painter do the good paint
• The special tips let the paint surface smoother

TIPPING of Filaments

The top of the filaments is a fine tip using proprietary technology in order to be: 

• The paint stay more time on brushes, if you want to hold more paint , you can mix some natural bristle , as the hog hair , and others.
• High quality tipping can be do the smoothest painting
• Making it easier to paint clean lines, the filaments are cut at a slant,using it for anything with grooves, like cabinets, furniture, or paneled doors, or when you are painting close to another surface, such as between window trim and walls.

Our Technology and Crafts on Filaments2

Post time: Jul-08-2022