How To Maintain Your Brush

How to prepare your brush before painting?

Are you ready to start using your brush?
Sometimes, we find there are some bristles shedding before using. Is it the bad quality brush? Don’t worry. You need use the correct method before using.
We are giving you some tips to maximize your experience and to enhance your projects. Our brush provides minimal bristle shedding and with the following steps, you can take that quality further. Please follow the effective method to shed those unnecessary bristles, that are commonly located at the center of the brush.

Follow the steps

1. With your right hand hold the wooden grip and use your left hand to lay hold of the bristles;
2. Use your left hand and comb through the bristle from one end to the other;
3. Slap the bristles against your hand several times to lose any rogue bristles;
4. After plucking clear the bristle;
5. If you see loose or bad bristles, use your fingertips and pull put the flawed bristle;
6. Use the dull side of the knife and pull the bristles from one end to the other. This ensures that it’s clear from rogue or bad bristles

Now your brush is ready for use!

How To Maintain Your Brush
How To Maintain Your Brush1

How to clean the brush after painting?

Do you know how to clean the brush correctly?  First, clean your brush in a few minutes

Follow the steps

1. After use, please wipe off all the excess wax;
2. Pour mineral spirits into a jar. Use glass jar if you want to reuse the mineral spirits for your next cleaning. Please pour just enough to soak the brushes bristles.
3. Let the brush soak in the mineral spirits for a minute until all the wax has dissolved. To maximize your experience with the brush, swish and press the bristles against the bottom of the jar to help dissolve and remove the wax.
4. Remove the brush and gently wash with mild dish detergent in warm water.
5. Squeeze out all the water and hang the brush aside to dry.

How To Maintain Your Brush2
How To Maintain Your Brush3
How To Maintain Your Brush4

Post time: Jun-03-2019