How to Clean Paint Brushes

After painting, the first thing to do is to clean your paint brush. If used and maintained properly, your brush will last longer and perform better. Here are a few detailed suggestions on how to clean paint brushes.

1. Cleaning after using water-based paints
◎ Wipe the brush with paper towels or soft rags to remove most of the excess paint. Remember not to start with water right away.
◎ Rinse the brush with water and swirl it around to remove as much residue paint as possible. You can also wash the brush in warm soapy water for some stubborn paint.
◎ Rinse under running water is another option. Place your brush under the running water. Stroke it with fingers from the handle down to the bristles to make sure all paint has been removed.
◎ After cleaning, blot out excess water, straighten the bristles, and stand the brush upright on the handle or just simply lay it flat to dry.

2. Cleaning after using oil-based paints
◎ Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions to choose the appropriate cleaning solvent (mineral spirits, turpentine, paint thinner, denatured alcohol, etc.)
◎ Work in a well-ventilated place, pour enough of the solvent into a container and dip the brush into the solvent (after removing excess paint). Swirl the brush around in the solvent to loosen the paint. Wearing gloves, use your fingers to help get all of the paint out of the bristles.
◎ Once the paint is removed, rinse the brush in a mixed cleaning solution of warm water and liquid dish soap or under the running lukewarm water. Wash away the solvent and then rinse the brush thoroughly with clean water to remove any remaining soap.
◎ Gently squeeze out the excess water, either spin dry the brush or pat it dry with a cloth towel.

1. Do not leave the brush soaking in water for a long time as this can damage the bristles.
2. Do not use hot water, which can cause the ferrule to expand and loosen.
3. Store your brush in the paint brush cover. Lay it flat or hang it vertically with the bristles pointing down.

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Post time: Oct-19-2022