Natural Bristle Mixed Synthetic Filament Ceiling Paint Brush With Plastic Handle

Short Description:

Brush head: synthetic filament natural bristle mixture

Ferrule: Iron with plastic cover

Handle: replaceable plastic handle


1.Natural bristle blend with filament, good elastic and softness, high pain pick up and release

2.First class stainless steel ferrule from Baosteel Corp, good toughness, well looking and anti-rust

3.Eco-friendly epoxy glue, spread evenly, dry in constant temperature drying room, reduce bristle loss

4.Plastic handle, word board, smooth surface, no mildew

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Product Description

The quality of the easy-to-clean mixed silk is very good, with no peeling and a paint retention rate 40% higher than that of a regular paint brush.

Easy to use synthetic bristles are ideal for all paints on all surfaces. Ideal for painting including lips, the brush can be hooked to the edge of the paint to make your painting job simple.

Easy to use - From thinner blades to light weight, easy-to-grip plastic handles, these decorated paintbrushes are ready to use, easy to clean, and provide outstanding results for your paint job. They are economical enough to clean up and reuse.

Fit for all - These multi-purpose dyeing brushes are ideal for household, commercial or industrial use. Such as wall painting, coloring, decoration, cabinets, doors, fences, decks, DIY paint, etc. Because they can be used as a practical brush for most paints, dyes, varnishes, acrylics, and gypsum.

Great quality of blended filaments with no falling off more paint hold 40% than general paint brush

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Sample cost: 10times of the unit price plus freight

Sample lead time: 14 days after confirmed

Size: 4*14, 5*15

Length(mm): 63

Thickness(mm): 23

SRT filament blends hold more paint to save time, less streaking and quality walls and trim.


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