9 Inch Acrylic Paint Roller Covers

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How do you pick a roller cover? We can choose from their pile/nap length. Very Smooth – for metal doors and plaster.Smooth – for drywall.Semi-Smooth – for drywall. Semi-Rough – for rough wood and acoustic tile. Rough – for textured ceilings and stucco finishes. Very Rough – for concrete block, brick and fences. Acrylic roller covers are great for applying base and finish coats, for Very Smooth, Smooth, Semi-Smooth surface.

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Paint roller covers are wide cylindrical fabric-covered tubes that are attached to a roller frame. They apply paint by rolling against a wall or ceiling in even layers. To be most effective, roller covers should be rolled in paint trays to absorb paint before being applied to the flat surface they are covering. Standard roller covers are over 4 in. long, but can be as large as 18 in. Roller covers are tubes topped with an absorbent material that slips over the paint roller frame. They are often made of synthetic fabrics (woven or knitted), such as polyester or foam, as well as natural fibers like mohair or lamb's wool. Covers come in a range of nap sizes. The thicker the nap pile, the more paint it holds. 

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Product name Acrylic roller covers
material Synthetic
size 9inch
Nap length 10mm/12mm
Usage painting
Style American style
color Customized 

1. What paint roller covers do professionals use?

Synthetic roller covers made of polyester, nylon, or a blend of synthetic materials, are the most common types. These sleeves do an excellent job of laying down a smooth, even coat of paint over most interior wall surfaces, as well as doors, trim, furniture, and non-textured ceilings

2. What is the best material for a paint roller?

Synthetic roller covers—including polyester, nylon, or polyamide—are the right choice for water-based latex paint because they resist matting. You can use a synthetic cover with any paint finish and on most surfaces. Though synthetics don't pick up and hold as much paint as wool does, they are generally very durable.

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